When your body’s motions are not aligned and balanced, problems are more likely to develop. Using one side of your body far more than the other, for example, can create uneven wear and serious back problems over time.

If you don’t have back problems today, you probably will at some point. The more sedentary we’ve become, the likelihood of our spines worsening increases. And for those with chronic back issues, the smallest incidences, such as tying a shoelace, can trigger an acute episode of back pain.

If you need to carry a purse or bag for more than a block, switch the side you carry it frequently, or use a backpack to distribute the load more evenly. This also applies when picking up young children and especially with infant car seat carriers. Even when you carry shopping bags, carry two lighter bags in each hand instead of one heavy bag in your dominate hand.

[pullquote]Pick one of your most repetitive motions, such as using a phone, computer, or carrying a heavy bag. Alternate use of your left and right sides frequently.[/pullquote]

When you use a computer, check the basic alignment of your keyboard, screen and chair. If you’ve used the same type of mouse for years or never used wrist rest, change things up and alternate.

Apply the same principle to your phone. Switch the hand you use or the ear you speak into regularly.

Do whatever it take to create variance and keep both sides of your body in balance.

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