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As your local massage therapy provider, we offer a number of massage services customized to best fit your individual needs. Call to schedule an appointment, or book online now!

Trusted Local Chiropractors for Gentle and Effective Pain Relief

You’ll find safe and effective mainstream chiropractic care and massage therapy methods at Hartville Health & Wellness Centre, your local office for Hartville, Uniontown, Green, North Canton, Mogadore and surrounding areas. Our doctors and therapists are dedicated to helping you get back faster to what matters most with targeted therapy, including:

If you’ve ever wondered, “How can chiropractic care benefit me?”, your first choice for finding a chiropractor should be Hartville Health & Wellness Centre. We have helped thousands of Hartville-area patients finally find methods that really work in an office conveniently located near them.
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Ronald (Chip) Weisel, II, DC

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Lauren Winarski, DC

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Chiropractic Care

Our practice is pleased to bring you the benefits of the Activator Method®. This state-of-the-art chiropractic technique provides safe, fast, effective relief for back pain, neck pain and other complaints.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy accelerates pain relief and healing. Using high powered light to stimulate healthy cell regeneration, laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation with no side-effects.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is very effective for relieving muscle tension, and can be a powerful ally in your wellness program. Massage therapy is also a wonderful complement to chiropractic care.

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Well Mama

‘Well Mama’ is your “birth and beyond” journey guided by Dr. Lauren Winarski to aid you in having a comfortable pregnancy, a safe delivery, and faster recovery… with fewer complications.

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