Out of network? Out of luck? Not necessarily.

Gain Access to Affordable Chiropractic Care with ChiroHealthUSA

Are you uninsured or underinsured and worried about healthcare costs? You're not alone. Discover a supportive solution tailored for you. ChiroHealthUSA provides the benefits of in-network discounts, without the need for traditional insurance. Get the chiropractic care you need, without the financial burden.

If you are among a growing number of people who are finding themselves uninsured, underinsured, or with limitations in their health plan, you are in luck!

All doctors are required to charge insurance companies and patients the same fees unless they are under a network contract for a lower fee.

ChiroHealthUSA is a contracted network that allows chiropractic doctors to set and accept discounts on their services for members.

When you join ChiroHealthUSA, you are entitled to similar “in-network” discounts just like the insurance companies.

How to Join ChiroHealthUSA

By joining the ChiroHealthUSA Program, you immediately become a member of ChiroHealthUSA and are eligible to enjoy these discounted fees. Your membership is just $49.00 per year and includes you and your dependents.

How To Join ChiroHealthUSA

It’s just that simple!

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Kristi Ryan, Hartville Health & Wellness Centre Office Manager & Billing Specialist
Kristi Ryan
Office Manager & Billing Specialist

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