Create your plan for a comfortable pregnancy, a safe delivery, and a speedy recovery.

You deserve to have an incredible, empowering pregnancy and postpartum experience.

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For Birth & Beyond: WellMama

Whether or not you’re experiencing pregnancy for the first time, you deserve to have an incredible, empowering pregnancy experience with as few complications as possible.

‘WellMama’ is your “birth and beyond” journey guided by Dr. Lauren Winarski to aid you in having a comfortable pregnancy, a safe and easy delivery, and a faster recovery… all with fewer complications.

‘WellMama’ focuses on 4 primary areas of prenatal and postpartum care:

  1. Exercise & Movement
  2. Pelvic & Spine Alignment
  3. Nutrition for Women
  4. Emotional Well-Being & Mindset

These 4 areas, when combined with a network of other health consultants and professionals (such as obstetricians, midwives, physical therapists, nutritionists, and lactation consultants), provide you with a simple to follow road map for being physically and emotionally healthy… before, during and after pregnancy.

And, as importantly, every aspect of ‘WellMama’ is personalized to your unique situation, so you are sure to have the healthiest and best pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience possible.

Discover ‘WellMama’

Prenatal Consult (During pregnancy, before birth)

The WellMama Prenatal Consult is for you if you are currently pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

During the prenatal consult, we will discuss important health components during pregnancy including pelvic and skeletal alignment, nutrition, and movement. We will start shaping your goals and begin preparing your plan for birth.

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Postpartum Consult (After childbirth)

The WellMama Postpartum Consult is for you if you’ve given birth recently.

During the postpartum consult will discuss the impact of childbirth on your skeletal alignment, mom basics such as breastfeeding and diaper changing, safe movements that strengthen and rebuild weakened areas (core and pelvis) and your new nutritional needs.

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Movement & Exercise Consult

The Exercise Consult is for you no matter what your current exercise levels are. We will discuss appropriate movement and function and determine your health goals. Then we’ll start your individualized “movement and exercise plan” to help your reach your goals.

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Pelvic & Spine Alignment Consult

The Pelvic & Spine Alignment Consult is for you if you are currently pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or have given birth before. We’ll discuss the importance of good pelvic and spinal alignment for preparing your body for childbirth, positioning the baby for delivery, and the role alignment plays in your recovery.

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Nutrition Consult

The Nutrition Consult is for you if you want to understand the impact nutrition can have on your mind and body before and after childbirth, or if you want to become stronger at identifying foods that fuel your body and enhance your body’s performance.

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From Dr. Lauren

I am passionate about helping women live a rewarding and fulfilling life. I want every mom to have a wonderful pregnancy experience. I want them to have the birth that they choose and feel empowered in their decision-making because motherhood is an amazing experience.

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