Why a Health & Wellness Coach?

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, Heather has been a part of America’s healthcare system of providers for over 20 years. Her work will help you proactively prevent illness and disease. Most recently, she became a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach because she loves helping people tap into their strengths and motivators to achieve greater wellness in their lives.

Heather Weisel, RDN/LD, NBC-HWC

Heather equips others to transform their daily habits in body, mind, & spirit to flourish in every aspect of life! She believes well-being includes our physical, relational, occupational, mental & spiritual health.

Her philosophy is to reframe the idea of wellness to focus on the five factors that affect our well-being, not just the food on our plates — physical, relational, occupational, mental, and spiritual factors all have an impact on our overall health & wellness.

A healthy lifestyle results in reduced medical expenses, less stress, increased energy, and improved self-confidence. Heather can help you tap into your creativity and motivation to change your behaviors, one choice at a time into a sustainable lifestyle.

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