Avoid Back Injury | Stop Exercising Every Day

Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way. Starting an exercise program is always in the top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions.

Being more active is a good thing, but it’s hard to keep a New Year’s resolution if you injure your back by doing too much too soon.

Exercising the same muscle group every day won’t allow your body a chance to recover, leaving yourself open to back injury. You are older than you think. Don’t learn that the hard way. The typical middle-aged body needs at least 48 hours to go through one exercise recovery cycle, which promotes healing of the tissue that was damaged during workouts.

[ebs-notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]Health & Wellness Tip − Stop exercising every day. If you are beginning an exercise program, allow at least one (1) day off in between workouts. It will help you avoid back injury, and allow you to be more active.[/ebs-notification]

If you have injured your self by exercising too much too soon, call us today at 330-877-3177. Let us help you get back faster to keeping your New Year’s exercise resolution!



  1. Hmm…this might explain why I am needing your services as we speak!! I guess I AM older than I think 🙂

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