Bryanne’s Water Birth

Bryanne came to me when she was 37 weeks pregnant because she was experiencing low back and hip pain and sciatica. Her first baby was born several weeks early but she was looking for a different birth experience. She knew she wanted to have a water birth with her midwife. Listen to her share her incredible birth experience with us!!

“My water started leaking at work the night before my sweet boy came! I thought I was crazy, so I pushed it off. I finished my shift, went home and went to bed. Woke up around 3:00 am to more of my water leaking, still not 100% sure, I ignored it. Around 5:00 am I had even more! I told my husband to go to work anyways, because I wasn’t sure. As he was leaving I started having small contractions. So I called him and told him he better stay home, because I didn’t want to go into full blown labor with a two year old and have to pick up our babysitter. So he stayed home. It was also my two year old’s birthday (Happy Birthday to him he got a new brother) so we did cake and presents at 6:00 am to make sure he still had a fun birthday.

Around 9:00 am my water officially broke! I called my midwife to let her know what had been going on, she told me to head in. At 9:30 am contractions started super intense and 2-3 minutes apart. So we headed to the hospital since it was 45 minutes away. We get there, I’m 3 cm dilated my response was “that’s it?!” Contractions started to get more painful and I was struggling to find positions that helped. Finally, I asked if I could use the shower to labor in. I get in the shower and lay in there for what felt like hours using steaming hot water. All I could think about was an epidural. I had to keep my eyes shut and tell myself over and over “you can do it, you can do it” and that with breathing got me through. I couldn’t speak or walk I was in so much pain. Finally, out of the shower to get my cervix checked I was at 5cm! Half way there but still didn’t feel like that was good enough for all the pain I was in! They brought the birthing tub in, filled it up and that was the best feeling to me, it showed I was far enough along that they thought I was ready to get in!

Finally, get in the tub and it was AMAZING! I ended up falling asleep in the tub and waking up to my sweet boy coming. My body was telling me to push! I yelled at my husband “turn the jets off, & get the nurse NOW!” They came in telling me to wait & baby’s head was already out! After his head came out, I didn’t feel contractions or the urge to push out the shoulders. So my midwife had to help me get him out the rest of the way. He was under water for 4-5 minutes before he came completely out & that was scary to me (I didn’t know how long was safe for him to be under the water). When I had him on my chest my first words were “We did it baby boy, we did it”. It was the most gratifying, magical moment of my life! So thankful for the chiropractic care that helped get my pelvis ready to deliver my baby! Without it I’m not sure he would of made it through! He was double the size of my first and my pelvis was not in the right position to get baby out!”

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