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The Bed Pillow | Luxurious & Comfortable | Buckwheat Bedding Company | Mogadore, Ohio

As a chiropractor, I get asked all the time about what is the best bed pillow.  I highly recommend —and just absolutely love— this locally-made, buckwheat bed pillow by Buckwheat Bedding Company located in Mogadore, Ohio.

A gentle scrunch (or punch) and the buckwheat hulls instantly adjust to your contours for superb stable support of your head and neck. The muscles of your neck and shoulders can totally relax with gentle support. And most importantly, your spine stays properly aligned.

Best of all, this pillow has a zippered cover. That means it is both washable and adjustable.  Select your size depending on how much support, height and width YOU need according to your body build or how much elevation you require for your shoulders, neck and head.

As a bonus, buckwheat hulls are virtually hypo-allergenic. Also, minimal heat build-up lets your head stay at near-constant temperature all night long, so no more pillow flipping! And, you can take it with you because it’s unique size fits neatly into carry-on luggage.

Buckwheat Pillow Description:

  • 100% premium buckwheat hulls grown in the USA
  • Classic pillow ticking fabric cover is 100% cotton
  • Includes a custom made 100% cotton pillow case
  • Use zippered opening to adjust the amount of hulls
  • Remove hulls and your pillow is washable
  • Buckwheat hull pillow dimensions: 21″ x 14″
  • Proudly made in the USA

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  1. December 24, 2016

    Wow……..the pillow is just awesome. The packaging is looking very cute. Thanks for sharing.

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