Be Kind to Your Spine

October 16 each year is World Spine Day.  This is a day for raising awareness of back pain and other spinal issues.

An estimated one billion people worldwide suffer from back pain. It affects all age groups, from children to the elderly. Back pain is the biggest single cause of disability on the planet, with one in four adults estimated to suffer from back pain during their lives. As primary spine care providers, we want to encourage you to take these 3 steps to be kind to your spine!

3 Tips to Be Kind To Your Spine

  1. Sit better — The truth is we should sit less, but we should also sit better. The problem, when it comes to your spine isn’t how much we are sitting, but the way we’re sitting. Most people sit in a way that stresses their spines. (You might not realize you’re doing it right now). Most people tend to round out their backs when they sit. That means their spine is in an improper position, and they will tend to have more back pain and spinal problems.  Basically sitting better means sticking your tailbone back thereby creating a curve at the lower part of your spine. If you sit like that, you’re going to put a lot less stress on your spine and have fewer back pain issues. Click here to learn more: To Fix That Pain In Your Back, You Might Have To Change The Way You Sit
  2. Lift smarter —  Your spine needs to be set in “Neutral Spine Position” when you lift. Keeping the back in neutral position lift makes it virtually impossible to injure the spine.  It is very common for people to lift with a flexed spine position, in other words, while bending the lower back.  This position actually shuts off some muscles that would otherwise stabilize the spine. This is why a flexed spine position during lifting is almost always associated with lumbar disc herniations (aka disc bulge) and lumbar sprain/strain injuries. An awareness of “Neutral Spine Position” combined with contracting your core muscles will maintain neutral spine which will protect your back from injury. Click here to learn more: How to Avoid Back Injury
  3. Be more active — Not enough physical activity leads to poor spinal health. Spine pain can lead to a vicious cycle of inactivity that only prolongs your discomfort. Most people need to be more active. Walking is one of the easiest ways to be more active. A meta-analysis study published in 2015 examined the effects of walking exercise on pain and self-reported function in individuals with chronic back pain.  Walking is an effective form of exercise or activity for individuals with chronic back pain. Click here to learn more: Why Walking Is the Best Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

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