I’ve heard it all when it comes to misconceptions and rumors about going to the chiropractor.

“I don’t want to be twisted up like a pretzel.”

“I don’t want my bones crunched.”

“My pain has nothing to do with my back.”

“Once you go you always have to go.”

“Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.”

Are you or do you know someone who is a little nervous to go to the chiropractor? Let me ease your fear and tell you what to expect when you come in to the chiropractors office.

Expect your first visit to take a little longer than all the rest. You should plan for up to about an hour on the first visit – filling out paperwork and the initial evaluation before any sort of adjustment add a bit of time but are crucial for making sure you get the perfect custom treatment. The paperwork will be brief but include important health information that will help the doctor provide you with the best care and be able to help – you’ll be asked how and when the problem(s) started, past health information, and other relevant details. The more thorough you are in your answers the better we are able to serve you.

On your first trip, measurements will be taken of your height, weight, pulse and blood pressure and we will also show you a short video that explains a little about the specific procedures we use in our office. Next, you will meet with your doctor, who will spend time listening and talking to you to better understand what trouble you are having, whether that is neck pain, back pain, headaches, leg pain, shoulder pain, or any other type of ache you may be experiencing. The doctor will then perform a thorough assessment including analyzing posture, checking range of motion, and other tests specific to your case.

The doctor will go over what he or she has found and how it relates to your problem. He or she will decide if you need any other therapies to assist with your care and compliment the chiropractic adjustment. In our office, therapies that we may suggest include: hydrotherapy, laser, inter-segmental traction, E-stim, or massage. The doctor will explain these if they are necessary. Then the chiropractor will adjust your spine if there are restrictions or misalignments that were found during the examination. At this time, the doctor to will give you any further instructions or guidance you may need and you will be free to ask any questions. Definitely do not be afraid to ask questions about anything!

If additional treatment is necessary or to ensure that you make progress after your initial adjustment, we will help schedule a follow-up appointment.

I don’t want to be twisted up like a pretzel. I don’t want my bones to be crunched.

At Hartville Health and Wellness Centre, we use only low force, gentle techniques to correct misalignment of the spine. We use a small, handheld instrument called an Activator, or a gentle drop-assisted table. We adjust spines of all ages and take care to provide all patients with a positive experience. It’s okay to be nervous, but we strive to explain everything we do and provide you with safe an effective care.

The Activator provides a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient. In fact, adjustments with the Activator are so quick and measured that the body’s muscles are less likely to resist, allowing for a more precise and accurate adjustment.

My pain has nothing to do with my back.

The human body is great at compensating for bio-mechanical imbalances. A problem in the back can often refer pain to other areas such as the legs or arms or a problem that starts in the knee or foot might start contributing to back pain. The chiropractor can determine whether or not the pain is related to the back or whether you need to be assessed by another health care professional.

Once you go you always have to go.

You may have to come for a follow-up visit or a few but, our goal at Hartville Health and Wellness Centre is to get you better and back to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. We believe in providing you with the care that your body needs to get back faster. Once you are better you are welcome to come and go at your discretion. If for some reason we are unable to help you (after a trial of care or if we determine it is not a chiropractic case) we will help you figure out the right next step, even if that alternative takes you out of our hands. We will lead you to where you need to go to get you better!

Chiropractors aren’t “real” doctors.

Doctors of chiropractic (DC) go through years of education, training, rotations, and rounds of boards to gain expertise in how the human body works. Thousands of hours of are spent training on a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and radiology. Good chiropractors are highly trained, professional, and eager to help you with anything you might need.

Why wait another day if you are experiencing an ache or pain? Get back faster in an environment where our staff is ready to help you using gentle and precise care that fits your needs!

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