Most of Our Patients Come from Other Chiropractors

MAKE THE SWITCH: We have many new patients who have never been to a chiropractor, but most of our patients come from other chiropractors.

The Top 4 Reasons Patients Make the Switch

1) We Take Their Insurance

We accept a wide variety of health insurance plans. So many of our transfer patients come to us because their chiropractor stopped taking their insurance. We accept over 60 (sixty) different insurance plans. And, if you are among the growing number of people who are finding themselves uninsured, under insured, or with limitations in their health plan, we are a member of ChiroHealthUSA (CHUSA).

2) We Use the Activator Method

Chiropractic techniques have been updated. The Activator Method is a gentle low-force approach to chiropractic healthcare. Research shows that this instrument-based chiropractic technique gets equivalent results as traditional manual-thrust manipulation. The difference is that it is much easier to undergo as a patient.  Many of our aging patients especially appreciate this safe, and effective approach to chiropractic manipulation.

3) We Give Them Access to the Care They Need, When They Need It

We welcome walk-in patients for follow-up chiropractic care. We know that patients have busy lives, so we give patients the flexibility of being seen without an appointment, and the ability to stop or resume care on their terms. We have a doctor on staff five days a week, Monday – Friday, and offer late evening hours three nights each week.

4) We Provide All the Care, and Only the Care Known to Be Effective

Your chiropractor should not be your Third Place. We pride ourselves in being problem solvers. We find the problem. We solve the problem. Then we discharge you from care. And. if we can’t solve the problem, we help you decide what you should do next. In other words, we are dedicated to providing the best mainstream chiropractic care to patients without  long-term (or ongoing) treatment plans.

If this sounds like your kind of approach to chiropractic care, go ahead and make the switch! Call 330-877-3177, or request an appointment online!

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