I am passionate about working with expectant and postpartum mothers because of my own experience with pregnancy and birth.

“I never want anyone to have to go through what I did.”

From Dr. Lauren

I am passionate about helping women live a rewarding and fulfilling life. I want every mom to have a wonderful pregnancy experience. I want every mom to have the birth that she chooses. I want every mom to feel empowered in her decision making. I want to change the way women are cared for during this beautiful time, because motherhood is an amazing experience.

I am passionate about working with expectant and postpartum mothers because of my own experience with pregnancy and birth. I was pregnant with my first daughter in my last year of chiropractic school. I had a full-time clinic schedule and classes, a job, board exams, and I was involved with extracurricular activities and clubs.

I was overwhelmed, stressed, and busy. I didn’t take care of myself because I didn’t have time (I thought). I ate what was cheap, quick, and convenient so that I could get done what I needed to, and I was way too exhausted to even think about exercising. I didn’t feel good and I didn’t like the way I looked or felt.

Everyone said I would have that pregnancy glow and it would be so wonderful but, in fact, I felt the opposite. I had always dreamed of being a mom and having a large family. I wanted a natural birth at a birthing center. I had a specific plan in mind.

Fast forward to the end of my pregnancy – I started getting severe swelling, elevating blood pressure, headaches, and was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia. I was admitted to the hospital.

That week is somewhat a blur. My condition escalated rapidly and became life-threatening when I developed HELLP syndrome (a severe complication of pre-eclampsia) and I had to be induced at 36 weeks.

No birthing center, and I was given medical interventions to keep me and the baby safe.

Thankfully, I had an amazing health care team that helped me get through one of the scariest experiences of my life.

My expectations had been so much different. We were very lucky. But, I was 26 years-old and on blood pressure medication. Not where I wanted to be. I remember one nurse saying to me the day after my daughter was born, “You should never ever have any more kids. You will die.”

I was embarrassed that I was months away from becoming a doctor and my health was poor. How would I be able to talk to patients and teach them when this happened to me? Who would listen to me?

My doctors told me that it wasn’t my fault that I could not have prevented, caused, or controlled what happened to me, but I still felt guilty and I wanted better for my future.

I wasn’t satisfied and it caused me anxiety to think what might happen if I ever became pregnant again. My heart ached for more children. We moved and life went on.

I decided that I wanted to take my health into my own hands. I met with a high-risk doctor who said it would be safe for me to have more children. He said there was nothing I could do to control the situation.

I still wanted to do everything that I could to make sure my body was as healthy as possible before I had another baby. I completely changed my lifestyle.

I started exercising. I ate a nutritious diet to strengthen and properly fuel my body. I read books and meditated to help change the negative thoughts I was holding onto about the situation, and I got adjusted.

Three years later I was pregnant. I stayed focused and committed to my goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for me and my baby.

I’m not perfect by any means but it made a world of difference. I had a wonderful pregnancy. I felt great (after the morning sickness subsided), and I made it to full-term with no complications. I had a fast and easy labor, and I credit it most to all the consistent lifestyle changes that I made: Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, and Chiropractic Care.

I never want anyone to have to go through what I did the first time and if they do I want to know they are supported in their decisions and their care.


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